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The founder of Sergey Makhno Architects workshop

Once his friend offered him to design a cafe and now... now his studio realizes objects in 16 countries around the world, his lamps and carpets are exhibited all around Europe, and the projects are published in Dezeen, Designmilk, Yatzer, and Frame. Sergey travels a lot and wants to visit every country. A devotee of minimalism and Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi.

On his roadmap is taking an architectural Nobel Prize – Pritzker, and building the Museum of modern art (like MoMA, but Ukrainian). He also collects ceramics. There are already 500 unique objects, among which are Trypillian bowls, Ukrainian zoomorphic ceramics, and vases from Japanese flea markets.

Sergey says that nothing in the world inspires him like his family – a beautiful wife Vlada and 3 sons: Ivan, Hikaru, and Tadao.