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Sergey Makhno

Sergey Makhno

Sergey Makhno is a modern Ukrainian designer, founder, and director of Sergey Makhno Architects.

Sergey Makhno graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture and from Academic School of Design in Moscow. In 2003, intuitively understanding that future lies in design, he founded Sergey Makhno’s workshop.

Now, Sergey Makhno creates collections of unique objects, successfully builds houses, hotels and cottage towns, implements interior spaces for apartments, restaurants, offices, and boutiques with his personally designed furniture and décor elements, and engages in social projects. The main directions for Makhno Architects are contemporary minimalism, eclecticism, and loft styles.

By the age of thirty-three, Sergey Makhno had conducted his first personal exhibition of interior design objects from a limited series “Life of Ideas”. In addition, with this exhibition, the designer presented a same-named book and a movie.

Experimentations, new technologies, crazy ideas, spontaneity, and unpredictability all these describe Sergey, however, as soon as he walks into the workshop he becomes serious, organized and responsible leader.

A day is planned by the hour to accommodate a flow of meetings with new people, clients, construction managers, and interns.

Sergey Makhno is an avid traveler. Ability to travel to different countries of the world, while remotely supervising his workshop and implementing successful projects is an integral part of an accumulated skill. He is a finder and a collector. To any kind of vacations, Sergey prefers to travel to design exhibitions and antique markets. While enjoying Ukrainian art, Sergey is also very interested in Japanese culture. His designs and art display a fusion of both of these cultures.

Collecting Ukrainian ceramics, especially decorative zoomorphic sculptures, has led Sergey Makhno to the birth of his dream: to design a Museum of Ukrainian Ceramics.

I am surrounded by beautiful and creative people. Every day my dreams come true and I am one step closer to knowing myself better. A world where man lives in harmony with his soul while creating straight from the heart. This is my design. I’m thankful to the higher powers that gave me the opportunity to create every day, getting in return a colossal energy from it. I hope that when you see my work, some of this energy will be passed on to you because all of us are creators, designers, and architects of our lives no matter what we do.

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