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type/projectlaw office
areatwo working rooms and reception
client AEQUO – law firm based in Kyiv
objective The visions of Aequa and the owner of the premises combined was the seed that brougth the interior design concept to where it is today.


The AEQUO office design allows you to feel a steady and regular working day rhythm. Laconic tables and chairs alternate with the soft armchairs letting you negotiate and also rest better when you want it.

Not love, but a triangle: designer – lawyer – lessor

Once the space was rented the lessor joined our dialogue with clients.


We agreed on the idea that the design concept would be a minimalist office with contemporary elements. The lessor asked not to damage the Armstrong ceiling. We decorated it following the same general principles.


The wooden waiting room is the first thing you see as you cross the threshold of the office. And light wood harmoniously complements the basic hues – blue and grey. These are the two corporate colors we built the interior solution on.


An open cupboard library (2 in 1) zones the space highlighting the waiting area. Deep blue colored chairs and sofas from the Italian brand Arflex are comfortably settled down near the window.

Two meeting rooms

The main meeting room resembles a man wearing a business suit. 3D waves on the walls contrast with the gray interior. The sculptures complete it giving an intelligent, relaxed and creative impression.


Black lamps T5 / 3 patinated with gold, and created by Sergey Makhno light up the epicenter of the space.

It is also the place for a big friend – a table for 12 people. This ash giant based on parallel pillars was specifically conceived for the project.


The second space is used as a cabinet and meeting room. Matte glass walls and sliding doors separate it from a hallway. Before entering you stop to read the decorative inscriptions chaotically scattered on the surface.


Iron can be fragile, as being suggested by our lamp collection.

  • TERMS OF DESIGN 3 months

Curator of the project: Alexander Makhno