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July, 2017
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area51 sq m
client Dornbracht, the world famous sanitary ware manufacturer
objective To create the first in Ukraine monobrand showroom, where any client can take a shower

In this space, we embodied the concept of the five elements. To the four well-known – water, fire, air and earth, we added time.

Water. In this project, it is a driving force. After all, the task was to create a unique space that would function like a real bathroom. In the showroom, you can test the latest technological innovations that Dornbracht is famous for: Sensory Sky shower with the effect of fog, or summer rain, horizontal shower, Foot Bath procedures.

Air. The atmosphere of the exhibition hall is honest, even somewhat harsh, but space remains light. This is achieved due to the correct planning geometry with the most rational use of the area. In the center of the composition is a glass cube, inside of which there is an exhibition area, where, indeed, you can take a shower.


Fire. In a small space, it’s strategically important to make the light work for you. In the showroom, there are several levels of lighting, which allows different accents. The first level is ceiling lighting, which creates a general background. Further, there are two lines of author's lamps from Sergey Makhno Architects over exhibition areas. The third level is the line of luminaires on the rail that defines the rhythm of the space. Thus, space has a life, dynamics: light-shadow-light-shadow.

Earth. These are textures that give the interior an authenticity. The wall at the entrance is equipped with the author's tile by Sergey Makhno "The Mountains". Author's lamps are made of old pipes. Rusty walls, metal frame with factory stamping. Surfaces are embossed, alive, warm. Like the earth itself.


Time. One of the values of Sergey Makhno Architects is care – about the client, each other, nature. Therefore, we are close to the philosophy of recycling, when the materials receive a second life.

The walls of the showroom are made of an ordinary garage, which was dismantled, "marinated" in water and built upon the walls. The treatment is extremely simple – covered with lacquer to be touch-pleasant and subjected to wet cleaning.


"While working on this project, we didn’t plan to create a showroom, we created just a gallery where works of art like Dornbracht plumbing will be exhibited. On the other hand, we tried to recreate the comfort of our home and demonstrate that a good bathroom can be realized on a small space as well“, – Sergey Makhno, the founder of Sergey Makhno Architects

"In this project, the style of Sergey Makhno Architects is well traced: balanced minimalism, correct geometry, a pinch of ruffianism. It is interesting, primarily because, despite its small area and simple solutions, it is not devoid of artistry, creativity", – Igor Tykhyi, architect.

    Curator of project: Igor Tykhyi, Viktor Zakharchenko

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