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locationKyiv region, Gorenichi village
area235 sq.m.
client Two years ago Natalie Sherepa, a co-founder of, and her husband Ihor, a businessman, thought about extending their living space. Instead of buying a new flat, they purchased 12 acres of land in Gorenichi village near Kyiv.
objective Initially clients didn’t have a clear vision of what they wanted to see as the final result. Sergey gave them a stack of design literature to study and asked to bookmark pages they have liked.


There was no issue in choosing an architect; clients have been friends with Sergey Mahno for a long time. The owners agreed with Sergey’s ideas and were ready for bold experiments.

Sergey offered to play with contrasts and to make it the main scheme in the design: powerful and delicate forms, heavy and light elements, black clinker bricks and light concrete panels, textured and smooth surfaces. The interaction of exterior and interior spaces was a significant element in this project. The border between them was eliminated through extended glazing of public zones and a master bedroom on the second floor. We set a task to let in nature as much as possible and even use some of its elements on the exterior. On the facade one can see a decorative wall of oak trunks which creates a dynamic contrast with deep dark surfaces. We managed to do what we planned – to reach the unity of two oppositions: strict architectural lines and organic natural elements.


Walking into the courtyard, one will see an open and spacious yard, a cozy terrace and parts of the house, filled with light and air. Near is the annexed space that includes a lounge space, barbecue area, an awning for the car and a storage space.

Interior is moderate and simple, it has many practical solutions which are invisible at first glance. They will please the owners during everyday use.


A fireplace is an important element. Аpart from having a decorative function, it heats the entire ground floor. Guest part of the house is a functional zone that combines kitchen with an island, the dining room, the living room and the big library with 6 meters high ceiling. Practically all furniture is made by Ukrainian craftsmen analogous to workshop’s sketches.


Light metal stair with wooden steps leads up to the second floor. Here are private zones and a master bedroom with a spacious bathroom, separated by a glass partition. In the daytime a two-storied library and children’s bedroom are lightened with light tubes in the ceiling. All lighting fixtures are spotlights, embedded in the ceiling. A massive lamp called “Сone” and designed by Sergey hangs over the dinner table in the dining room. The entire house is glazed with large windows by clients request. Dark and neutral colors are combined with bright interior elements. Besides, shades of brown, blue, and light blue specks are added to the living room color palette.


At first this decision seemed questionable to clients. Sergey gifted them several paintings from his “Sea” series. A carpet with different shades of turquoise became a coherent completion to the interior.

These details intensified the interior. The hosts still confer every new detail with Sergey before purchasing it.

  • REALIZATION 9 months, February 2014

If we don’t take into account experiments with color, we have been strict with the initial project scheme. Apart from the landscape work, which is planned for the spring time, the clients want to build a massive aged-metal water installation. So the work on this project continues.