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  • Ridnyi House
  • Ukrainian Wabi Sabi. 5.0
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  • Shkrub House
  • IQ-19
  • Yogo Apartment

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About us

Our office


My workshop
is the place where
the pulse of my life beats

I wanted to create a workshop that would inspire not just me and my team, but also my clients. I would really want it to inspire my clients and guests towards bold experiments.

Our office is something we are proud of. We call it the little magnet; it is desirable to come here and impossible to leave. After winning the first place in “Interior of the Year 2014” competition it became known worldwide.

Segey Makhno paid a lot of attention to details, because namely they create the ambience in this space. The office is filled with custom designed furniture made for life and work in the studio.

Many of our clients want to know how we create interior designs in our studio, what processes happen in our brains and then how these are transformed into reality. We have decided to show you the process and have filmed the creation of our office.

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