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We design
each object and create a carefully
thought out space with attention
to the smallest details.


We design residential and commercial projects. A group of architects and designers takes care of everything starting with concept to implementation. This process has three basic phase : Development of project's proposal in accordance with specifications and client's wishes. Preparation of documentation package for further coordinations with the customer: site plan, floor plans, 3D visualizations, elevations.

Schematic Design (SD)

Development of project's proposal in accordance with specifications and client's wishes. Preparation of documentation package for further coordinations with the customer: site plan, floor plans, 3D visualizations, elevations.

Design development (DD)

Formation of a set of documents:

  • Master Plan
  • Elevation Materials Plan
  • Elevations
  • Floor Plans
  • Exterior Renderings

Construction Documents (CD)

Package of documents and drawings with specifications for construction details and materials.


Master plan


Architecture: Exterior elevations, building envelope with material details, floor plans, sections.


Structural: reinforced concrete constructions, foundations, flooring slabs, stair construction.


Furniture and furnishings.


Mechanical: heating and cooling plans, duct layouts, mechanical layout,material and equipment list.


Plumbing: plan of plumbing pipes, plumbing fixture layouts.


Electrical:plans for electrical outlets, fixtures and switches layouts.


4 to 10 working weeks ( depending on project's complexity)


starting at $100/м2 ( depending on documentation package volume)

Architect's project supervision can be included. We plan and monitor construction works progress. Our team of architects and engineers help to avoid mistakes and easily get through all the stages of construction.

Architect's Supervision Cost


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Interior design

You will be able to fully evaluate your future interior before beginning any construction works. You will receive a designed project in a packet with 3d visualizations of the space from different viewpoints and all needed drawings with it.

Design project includes:

1. Drawings with dimensions and engineering elements
2. Various solutions for interior lay outs ( up to two options)
3. Various style options and color schemes (up to 1-2 options)
4. Floor plans after the redesign
5. Demolition and removal plans
6. Furniture placement plan
7. Flooring plan and material installation schedules
8. Ceiling plan
9. Lighting and outlets diagrams
10. Lighting fixtures placements with distribution of wiring for circuit breakers
11. Electric outlets plan
12. Ceiling construction detailing
13. Underfloor heating plan
14. Door portals plan
15. HVAC plan
16. Placement of sanitary and bathroom equipment
17. Bathroom views with material calculations
18. Wall views with material calculations and detailed sections of decorative elements
19. Furniture specifications with general dimensions and store locations where it is possible to purchase them
20. Electric equipment specifications
21. Lighting fixtures specifications
22. Interior visualization done with 3D Studio Max program (one-two options for each space)
    PROJECT TIMELINEfrom 4 to 8 working weeks
    COSTstarting at $50 per 1 sq.m
    Design project in eclectic stylestarts at $100 per 1 sq.m.

    By agreement, architect's supervision over the project may be included. Management and control of construction work will prevent mistakes, diversions from the schedule, and can save time and money.

    The cost of architect’s supervisionfrom $ 50 per 1 sq.m.
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    Product design

    Unique elements of décor and furniture will help to establish accents and give interior space its unique character. We design every element in the interior and thoroughly think of all details to create a unique space. Our work can be seen and purchased on PRODUCT DESIGN page.


    Schematic Design
    3D model making

    Timeline and cost depends on design complexity and materials costs
    learn about the cost of Architect`s supervision

    Architect`s supervision

    By agreement, architects supervision of the project may be included. We plan and control progress of repair and construction works. Our team of architects will help you to avoid mistakes, to speed up the process and to easily accomplish all phases of construction work. That is what we have successfully done for 12 years.

    Architects supervision includes following:

    1. Construction site visits, one time per week for up to 4 hours, or store visits for material and furniture selections. In addition, designer may visit the site upon request, depending on supervision needs
    2. Inclusion of necessary corrections, that may emerge after dismantling of old partitions, installations of new ones, and after leveling of floors, walls and ceilings
    3. Supervision and consultancy for installations and finish works
    4. Consultancy and monitoring of compliance and completion of each work phase
    5. Preparation of commercial proposals with indication of materials and furniture dealers
    6. Selecting together with the client finish materials, furniture and interior items (floor and wall finishes, joinery, tiles, sanitary ware, electric household appliances, lighting, cabinet and upholstered furniture, works of art, accessories, textiles and etc.)
    TIMELINEArchitect's supervision is carried out for the time period agreed by the parties
    COST OF WORKstarts at $50 per 1 sq.m.
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