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Our design-digest collects inspiration – useful books and websites, famous projects and even designers’ favourite things.

Today we are going to talk about five magazines on architecture and interior design. By reading this article, you will add new ideas to your renovation project.



A magazine that defines the “coolness” of architectural and design objects. Everything on is tasteful and thoughtful that it makes advertising useful.

It was founded in 2006 and since then, it has remained as one of the top websites in publications of specialized interest.

Dezeen has a very sophisticated filter application. It collects the best examples of architecture, product-design and interior design from around the world.

Dezeen is about big projects, news and... gossips of architectural and design industry.

In 2013, The Times included the website to the top 50 websites that are essential to everyone’s life by placing it in the same category as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia.

Dezeen attracts over 3 million unique visitors every month.


Wikipedia in the world of architecture and interior design.

Today the eminent brand AD unites 9 international publications under its umbrella.

It’s got more than a million visualisations: innovative house, unusual buildings, landscapes, inventions in the field of product design. And, of course, interiors: from a design of a small country house where it is pleasant to spend weekends to a big boutique hotel.

AD is the place where the best designers and architects give tips on working within the available area. They tell you how to select proper lighting and design a perfect kitchen or create an eclectic interior design that doesn't look like a disaster.


The concept of the journal refers to the slang word "yatzer", which means, "to think about something before someone else thinks about it”.

The publication has perfect visual aids and a wide range of topics: from the design of modern apartments built in distressed areas of Washington to hand-woven carpets from a Morocco tribe.

In an effort to prevent a reader from getting confused, all the topics are categorized by design, architecture, art, fashion, travel, and sequence of events.

Editors say that they never advertised the magazine. It gained fame according by word of mouth.

Editors say that they never advertised the magazine. It gained fame according to the scheme: a reader sees and tells a friend.



"Always fresh + never sour", the authors populate the website with interiors, architecture and product design for satisfy all interests. Everyone can quench their thirst.

The journal is famous for a number of regular columns and features.

Every Thursday, articles and reviews resembling “skim milk” discuss less-is-more techniques.

"Friday Five" helps get through the day while waiting for the weekend. In this column, designers, artists and shop owners talk about their five favourite things.

"Destination design" resembles a travel-guide on hotels and apartments with a cool design.


The design centre of Wallpaper is London - the place where you can buy a hard copy of the famous mag. Some areas are more difficult to locate, so use

Wallpaper has been a trendsetter in the world of design since 1996. Every year it expands its own cultural horizons, searching for more interesting contents.

Thanks to rubrics "Architecture" and "Design", you have no need to worry about missing the important changes in the industry.

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