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We will art your granny: Sergey Makhno's studio presented the manifesto

автор: Tetiana Vakula

PR Director

Sergey Makhno Architects, a Ukrainian workshop of design and architecture, has presented the manifesto in which they promise to art the whole world.

And listen.

We art the world.

“To art” is the author’s neologism of the studio. To art the world means to notice its beauty, to emphasize it, to remember the primary connection of human and nature. Hence, the main task of Sergey Makhno Architects is to fill with spaces, cities, and worlds with art.

A lamp, a fish, a dream, a chair

A bed, a table, tableware

The walls, the doorways, and the ceilings

The fears, the loves, and other feelings

The manifesto is an attempt to organize 16 years of experience and values of the Ukrainian design studio into a single art unit. The workshop is engaged in interior design, architecture, product design, and also has its own ceramic production. The studio works in the style called “Ukrainian contemporary”, which combines minimalism, Ukrainian traditions, Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy, and art.

We art a granny, and a cat

Wait, what?

Yeah, right. We can’t do that.

“We art the world” is the main mission of the design studio. Meter by meter, Sergey Makhno Architects team creates new worlds, where trees grow directly from the ceiling, and the tile follows the shape of a bird. The value formula of the company lies in the search for natural beauty and its harmonious complement with human talent.

We art cafe where ‘damn-why-it’s-so-delicious’

The gym, museum, and the bank

The small, the big, always — ambitious

To live in, not to rank

The video manifesto is a story in the style of art-brutalism, where objects and studio interiors “grow” from the illustrations of the talented young artist Alyona Sergeeva. The result is a reminding of who we are and where we are going. And we are going to art the world.

What kind of world you want to live in?

What do you do to make it a better place?

Stop asking.





SERGEY MAKHNO ARCHITECTS is a workshop of contemporary Ukrainian design and architecture. Over 16 years of work it has nearly 600 completed projects in 17 countries.

Awarded with prestigious international awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, The International Property Awards, The Architecture MasterPrize, the SBID.

Projects have been published in more than 200 top editions, such as ELLE Decoration, ArchDaily, Design Milk, Dezeen.


Producers — Tatyana Vakula, Yurii Rusnak

Art Director — Volodymyr Kalishchuk

Illustrator — Alyona Sergeeva

Copywriters — Lina Kulyk, Anastasia Savchenko

Installation — Volodymyr Kalishchuk, Vlad Sulima, Denys Skripnik

Visual effects — Vlad Sulima, Vlad Rubtsov

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And we will create art for you to live in.
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