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Interior says who u are

House is the same living being, like you and me. Everyone (brunette or blonde, the high or the high in a jump, a demure person or a partygoer) makes home live, makes home to be home. Personalize it with postcards and photos. Laid out things everywhere. Amuse bystanders by snowflakes glued to the window. Post child’s creations on the fridge.
An interior is an interpretation of your personality and character. It transmits a certain state of mind. Ask yourself whether you are comfortable at home. If your face does not spread in a content smile, you’ve had a wrong turn on your life road. We have only one conclusion. Сhange. Don't be afraid of unusual solutions. They have mesmerizing effect.

Any house or room remembered with pleasure has the look of being loved by those who live in it. – Billy Baldwin


Start in the marathon of changes does not begin with a mark "buy something new." Old things are of special valuation. They keepsecrets ofthe past.Why do not youdust offthe good oldchest of drawersand remake it? Or why do not you give a piece wood the chance to become a bench? Maybe it has been dreaming about it for a long time.
An argument number the next one. Handcrafting reduces stress. Stock up time and do something magnificent.

Home is a web of feelings. It should inspire and refresh you.


Important is not going after mod trends, but creating the right mood inside a house. To make people want to come back. To get up and prepare breakfasts in the kitchen. To sit in the living room without noticing the watch hand moving.

Living with one pendant lamp is like to prepare a roasted turkey for all holidays. Yes, it is delicious. But there are 100000000... other dishes to try. Chandeliers, wall sconces, track lamps or recessed ones. There is a fixture for every need in your home. Do not be afraid to experiment.


The owners of small apartments complain about the lack of space. I complain to the owners of small apartments about unknowing what zoning is. To use the space cleverly is your must. Organize a room. Break up zones. Add screens, open shelves or install curtains on a sliding track. The simplest ways are contrast colors or ceiling treatment.


To drive a philologist mad, confuse effect and affect. To drive a designer mad, place all the furniture near the walls (to form a kind of a frame). Quick, easy, reliable way to narrow space. Sofas, chairs and ottomans should communicate with each other. Even if a sofa is huge, not more than 3 people are sitting on it in the same time. It is the fact.

Architects and designers
arepsychologists. Taking into account theindividual characteristicsof a customer,they createa unique interiorthat has to match theinner worldof its owner.


Everyinteriormakes medifferent.

A little bit country. А little bit rock 'n' roll. Leave your ordinary confines and do not be afraid of bold decisions. I go for a devil-may-care approach. It works.
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And we will create art for you to live in.
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