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Ukrainian business platform was recognized as one of the best in the world

автор: Daria Sushko

PR Manager

Innovation educational business platform Academy DTEK received the “gold” prize of the Global CCU 2019 international award. The award ceremony took place last week in Brazil. The company won in the “Corporate Responsibility” nomination, without giving in even to the powerful competitor from Ireland — the SAP corporation, which is developing an intelligent cloud complex for business structures.

3,000 sq m of the new academy was designed by the Ukrainian studio Sergey Makhno Architects. The main task was to integrate the company's values into the design project and create the best conditions for studying. The Academy is located on 2 floors of the new building at Unit. City complex. On the ground floor there is a library, a cafeteria with an exhibition of natural flowers and designer ceramic lamps under the ceiling. On the second — lecture halls and a cinema. All rooms have powerful soundproofing, made of natural wear-resistant materials and equipped with powerful facilities. For example, the cinema has the same sound system as the Cannes Film Festival.


Among the current Global CCU winners, DTEK is the only team from Ukraine. Victory project awarded in the direction of improving the quality of training of public sector employees. Till today, more than 3.4 thousand employees of state structures have completed training at Academy DTEK.

“We believe that the energy of space is one of the most powerful. The interior must comply with the tasks, it must be holistic. It was a difficult and very interesting project — in 6 months, and these are unrealistic deadlines for such a volume, we had to create and implement a design not just of 3,000 square meters, but of the innovative business platform. I am happy that our joint work is recognized in the world”, — notes Sergey Makhno, founder of the Sergey Makhno Architects studio.


“The recognition of Academy DTEK's activities at the international level underlines the importance and uniqueness of this project for the country. By implementing it, we aim to contribute to the new quality of training, on which the successful implementation of reforms, the reboot of the economy, and the improvement of living standards depend. The Academy DTEK strategy provides the future development in such direction: attracting an even greater number of participants in training programs from government departments of the most important industries. We are open to cooperation with everyone who shares our values and seeks to embody qualitative changes in the country”, — said Alexander Kucherenko, director of sustainable development at DTEK.


Photo: Andrey Avdeenko

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