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Two projects by design studio Sergey Makhno Architects became the finalists of the prestigious British contest

автор: Lina Kulyk

Chief Copywriter

SBID International Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the field. Only members accredited by the organization have the right to participate in the competition. International jury consists of Lynn Sheaff White, the interior design manager at Universal Studios; Stefan Sielath, Mulliner, Coachbuilding and Bentley Motors Ltd Design Director; Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum in London; Kevin Mau, senior creative director of Boeing and others.

The interior of business platform Academy DTEK will compete in the category "Public Space Design" with 12 projects from all over the world.

Academy DTEK business platform specializes in corporate education and training of state sector employees. The design project echoes with the values of the company. It is ecological and durable as more than 200 000 students visit the Academy throughout the year. Audiences are mobile and adapt to various tasks and the number of listeners. So that the space doesn't annoy you, and the process of education is a pure thrill.

Interior of the Japanese restaurant Fujiwara Yoshi by Ukrainian studio will compete in the category "Restaurant Design" with 21 projects from all over the world.

Fujiwara Yoshi is a Japanese restaurant with a Ukrainian soul. It is an 800 square meter maze designed to get lost in the greatness of Japanese culture and not even try to find a way out. Here, aesthetics waltzes with functionality, pipes become lamps, flowers grow from the ceiling, and moss — from the plates. It is a place to rest your eyes, hold your breath and savor Japan.

“For me and my colleagues, it took more than 10 years for the Ukrainian design to be appreciated. During the last few years, the market has made a big step further. Our studios win the prestigious international awards, and influential publishing houses call Ukrainian design the “new black”, — says Sergey Makhno, the founder of the studio.

Now there is a public vote, which will affect the results of the competition. Winners will be announced in October at the official ceremony in London. You can view the projects and vote for them by clicking on the links below:

Fujiwara Yoshi —

Academy DTEK —

Photo credit: Andriy Avdenko

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