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Sergey Makhno will participate in Paris Design Week

Within the concept of Ukrainian stand the studio will present the concept “Transformation of Silence” in two locations at once: Les Docks, Cité de la Mode et du Design and in Ukrainian Cultural Center (22 Avenue de Messine).

“To create art we need to learn seeing it. I visited hundreds of different exhibitions, museums, and galleries. And I can tell that we have what to show to the world. Everyday we work to make Ukrainian art known», Sergey Makhno, the founder and head of the studio says.

The second year in a raw Creaheart and Prostir 86 are the organizers of Ukrainian display.

“This year we will bring the pieces that can be used for certain domestic purposes or to decorate your house, and in both cases they create and transform the atmosphere for people not just to exist, but to live a full life”, Anastasia Biletska, the art-director of Creaheart says.

The collection of pieces by Sergey Makhno Architects named “Transformation of the silence” includes 5 author’s items: tiles ‘Tetrapod’ and ‘Flapjack’, стілець ‘Sidai’, світильники ‘Volcano’ та ‘Zerno’. The story of ‘Tetrapod’ wall tiles starts with a block of reinforced concrete that protects a cost from waves. The medium weight of the real one is two tones. Our designers haven’t managed to place it into the interior and have created their own instead.

The tile ‘Flapjack’destroys stereotypes on standard tiles: the tile is square and flat; the tile is just a décor; the place of the tile is in the bathroom. Both tiles are Red Dot Design Award 2017 winners.

The minimalistic chair ‘Sidai’ of black mat steel is the contrast of simplicity and complexity. The lamp ‘Volcano’ is the only volcano in the world that is absolutely safe and can be placed at home. Holding the breath it is waiting for night to come when the lava of light will overflow again.

‘Zerno’ is the one and only lamp created in non-standard collaboration with nature. The designer has taken several seeds and combined them. The lamp made of copper that was oxidized and got the unique color with light and dark gradient.

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