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Sergey Makhno Architects designed the Ukrainian stand for the main furniture exhibition in Canada

автор: Daria Sushko

PR Manager

From 25 to 27 May the biggest Canadian furniture exhibition “Canadian Furniture Show” took place in Toronto. This year, Ukraine presented their creative stand in the form of two condominiums where the furniture of domestic manufacturers was presented. The stand was designed by architectural studio Sergey Makhno Architects. It recieved the award 'Best new member'.

The award is awarded for "creating a tangible, expressive and decorated space that is significantly ahead of other new exhibitors."

According to the Sergey Makhno Architects designers, condominiums are made in the style of the weighed eclectics.

“Every subject here has its own character and its own history. But at the same time – the space is complete and harmonious. That is what we wanted to do – each chair is still playing the leading role, yet doesn’t "clash" with the neighbor. We wanted to create a cozy atmosphere so that everyone would like to stay here longer", – has noted the founder of the design studio Sergey Makhno.

Participants of the stand have been selected by the Canadian experts according to the potential of their entry into the Canadian market and tastes of North-American consumers.

"Furniture – is one of the priority sectors of the Ukrainian export to Canada. After the entry into force of the Agreement about free trade import duties for the Ukrainian furniture have been canceled, and the process of export – is now considerably simplified. It gives to the Ukrainian producers a considerable competitive advantage in the market of Canada", – the director of the CUTIS project Paul Darbi has noted.

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