Pet-friendly: If not plane, then home

автор: Lina Kulyk

Chief Copywriter

Cats are also hurt. Both, when they are not allowed to enter the plane and lie on the keyboard. What can we, people, do? First of all, love. Second of all, adapt houses and apartments for a comfortable living of pets. Third of all, love even more.

You must know everything about love.

As for house issue, we are here to help you.

About repairs

Start preparing your house for cat adventures when you’re at home renovation stage already. Designers from Sergey Makhno Architects advise to pay attention to the planning of the bathroom and kitchen — those are the rooms where the cat litter box and food place will be located. The more space — the better. Also, avoid leather sofas — traditionally those are the favorite scratching spot of all the cats. And, of course, curtains. Make sure you ready for the fact that curtains are the Everest your pets are about to climb constantly.


About introverts

Cats are introverts. Yes, they can be friendly and peaceful, but they definitely need to have their spot (s), where they can stay alone with themselves. If you don’t care about organizing this spot, they will not wait and choose it by themselves. Usually, cats like to sleep when it is warm, above the floor, and where they can easily watch everything that is happening around.


Before locating a shelter for a cat, you need to watch the cat and define its most comfortable height and put a shelter according to it. The same is with scratching spot — watch where your cat likes to scratch and put it there. Ideally, make several cat places: a shelter, a bed, and a multi-level cat climber.

A note for esthetes.

Deezen, an online media about home and design, has a great article about the best 11 cat shelters from all over the world. Well, we don’t know about cats, but you will love it for sure.


About hunters

Cats want to play. Let’s remember that they are natural hunters, so it's common for them to move a lot. People forget about this characteristic, and then wonder why the cat destroys their apartment. Cats are the pets who are not capable of patiently waiting when their owner takes them for a walk, so they start their running-jumping-rolling session immediately and vigorously.


In the apartment, there must be special shelves, hammocks, strong scratching spots, and even a running circle, so that cats could direct their emotions outwards. Pets will be satisfied, and your home will be whole and sound.


About window fans

If there’s a butterfly or a bird flying behind the window, you can become a witness of your cat rushing to it.


Forget about open windows. Remember, if your cat wasn’t allowed to get on the plane because of its weight, than usual mosquito web won’t help — you need to get a special strong web that won’t let your pet fly alongside the flock of ducks.


About toilets, feeders and other joys

Get two plates for your cat: for food and water. If the main dishes of your pet are dry, then a water plate needs to be bigger, than the one for food, because your cat will drink more. If you have several pets, you can get automatic feeders and drinking fountains.

Organize a litter box — a place your pet will use for a toilet. There are open and closed boxes, also web-like and with a special filling. To understand which one is better, you need to turn on your inner detective again and watch the behavior of your pet.


About love

Design Milk, one of the best online-media about interior design has made a selection of Christmas presents for your pets, including felt caves, pink beds, baskets, feeding stands, etc.

Remember, the inability to travel for cats is not as important, as a cozy home. When your pet has its own furniture set, the task to destroy your furniture will not be of great interest anymore.

Love is care.

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