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#makhno_architour: TOP-3 Krakow modern buildings

автор: Tetiana Vakula

PR Director

Krakow. The old cozy town that can be bypassed with the morning coffee. A place you trust and do not expect any surprises, or glass 30-floor skyscrapers. And in vain, Krakow is a kiddo who knows how to surprise.

Sergey Makhno Architects’ PR Director Tanya Vakula tells us.

Centre for Documentation of the Art «CRICOTEKA»

Cricoteka was founded by the artist and theatrical reformer Tadeusz Kantor in 1980, and in 2014 the center got a new home. A modern frame covers the old power station with strong metal-glass embraces. Probably to protect from winds and rains. Or so that it could not suddenly jump into the Vistula, who knows.


Photos: Tanya Vakula

You go inside: stairs, stairs, stairs. And three floors are like that. On the fourth floor, space unfolds — the gallery is located here. The exposition may be shocking, but there’s something in it. And above the gallery, there's a cafe overlooking the river and the panorama of the city on its other side. For sitting with cappuccino and comprehending/ forgetting what you've just seen.


Photos: Wojciech Kryński

Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology

Solemnly opened in 1994, its idea goes back to the 20th of the same century. Then the Polish writer and collector Felix "Manggha" Yasensky generously presented the National Museum of Krakow: he handed over his collection of 6,500 pieces of Japanese art. So, the museum in the boxes appeared.

During World War II, the collection was put on exposition, and seen by the young Andrzej Wajda — in the future a famous Polish director. At that very moment, he fell in love with Japanese culture forever. In 1987 he received the Kyoto Cinematographic Award and gave all the monetary rewards for the creation of this museum. The Polish authorities were fine by it, and the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki undertook to design the museum for free.


In addition to the exhibition, there are Japanese language courses, ikebana creation tutorials and tea ceremonies.

And the building is so elusive. It is like a wave that has just rolled ashore and is already gone.


Photos: VSE TUT pl

Malopolska Garden of Art (MOS)

This reconstruction was developed by Ingarden&Architects and was opened in 2012. Architect Krzysztof Ingarden describes the building as a “contextual game of mimicry and abstraction". We describe it as something that cannot be passed. The skeleton of a wooden frame is as fragile as a 16-year-old wrist. The glass kept on the strength of architectural thought. Tangled roof mazes. And the old maple with a personal tunnel through the whole building so that it could grow farther.


The building-tunnel unites Szujskiego and Rajska streets. A media library and a pavilion of modern art are located at Szujskiego, and at Rajska there is a theater and a multifunctional hall. It seems that this building has always been here: it has disturbed neither the dynamics nor the spirit of the city. Could everything be so?



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