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Maison & Objet 2017: comfort, minimalism and white crows

Finally all the suitcases have been unpacked and we can share our impressions of the main design event of this autumn - Maison & Objet 2017. We'll tell you why design is plasticine, where you should look for comfort and what amazed us more than a million people.


Maison & Objet 2017 wasn't like Maison & Objet 2016 for us. This year we have come with something more than a small suitcase containing a toothbrush and backup jacket. We've brought four huge boxes weighing about 500 kg. Ukraine wasn’t just a guest, but represented its own project "Transformation".

The "Transformation" joined twelve product designers and one buro from Ukraine. The project symbolizes an endless process of creation. Like plasticine, design is constantly changing. A form provokes another form. A color produces another color.

The main words of Maison & Objet 2017: comfort, minimalism, transformation.


Comfort and hugging furniture

Everyone likes being comfortable in a soft piece of furniture when the back doesn’t hurt from an inconvenient chair. That's why designers dress objects in wood, flax, flock, gunny, velor. Pleasing the eyes colors are calm and pastel. Shapes become rounder and softer creating the feeling that furniture "hugs" you. All the cocoon chairs, hammocks, spherical sofas seem like bubbles, nests and clouds.

This year the comfortable "Planet" appeared at Maison & Objet thanks to our friends MZPA. We have created our most comfortable armchair in 2014. It was Botan. You can find this guy in the main Kyiv library named Botan as well.


A bright point against serenity backdrop was a fancy coala chair created by Alexis Verstraeten and Pauline Montironi for AP Collection. The French brand Moona combined comfort and technology. They created a temperature controlling pillow that can be adjusted to your head’s heat.




The title "Designer of the Year" was awarded to Tristan Auer at Maison & Objet. He presented his Eclipse during the fair (it’s the name of his laconic lamp). We displayed minimalistic aesthetics in steel - a black chair with a thousand holes.

The chemical laboratory for the kitchen is a new word from Tom Dixon. The minimalistic collection ‘Bump’ of the British designer shows the transformative alchemy of curious instruments and chemical reactions. It includes vases, tea pot, tea cups, glasses and a jug.



Inside and outside. It's pleasure to see how the perception of design changes. The final word doesn’t belong to beauty, designers want to solve problems and be useful for their clients.

For example, our project Flapjack (Red Dot Award Winner 2017) focuses on recycling. We know that after construction there are some materials left. We've given clay, concrete and chamotte a second life and developed a tile. At the office, someone said "oh, like grandmother's flat cakes!". So the name was born.


Another flapjacks' plus is functionality. You can hang a coat on the tile or put toothbrushes if it is used in the bathroom.

White crows


The separate block is about ‘white crows’ - all that provoked and amazed.

Famous hooligans Studio Job presented their fast food furniture at Maison & Objet. They created a zany mix for Italian brand Seletti that includes a hotdog sofa and armchairs looking like burgers. Whilst Teamlab combined virtual reality (VR) and nature in a cup of tea. You come up and see that it blooms inside.


Tetrapod Tile is our attempt to get in over the head. A real tetrapod is too big to be placed at home, that is why we've made it ‘homy’ and redesigned a giant structure. The new tile collection consists of natural forms and color tones – coal black, earth grey, clay brown.

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