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Lose your head over beauty: New Advertising Campaign by Sergey Makhno Architects

автор: Daria Sushko

PR Manager

Black&white visuals, which show a girl without a head, look quite simple on the background of a modern city. Main visual element of the campaign is not its final product, neither architecture, nor design, nor even new designer tile or ceramic lamp of studio’s own production. There are no tempting offers or shares. From the image, it is not immediately clear what it is promoting in fact. The only request is Lose your head over beauty.

"True beauty is like that, it is simple. Simple is enough. And we are sure that beauty brings beauty, so we turned our work into art", - says Sergey Makhno, founder and head of the studio.

So lose it. Over beauty, over love, over work, over Friday. Over autumn and over winter.

We want to remind you that last year the studio did collaboration with the artist Roma Mykhailov. He created collages, which combined architecture and studio’s design projects with images that he associated with these works. Concrete houses were dressed up in fur coats, lilies-chandeliers bloomed in the middle of a pool, and giant concrete hand was hanging over bed.

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