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Kitchen for life: By the footsteps of iSaloni

People are quite independent creatures. They can decide with whom to wake up in the morning and share dinner, to go every morning to the office or to be a freelancer, when to marry and give birth. But WHERE to sleep, WHAT to prepare for lunch, HOW to be hospitable – these matters are decided on Salone del Mobile.Milano – the main event of the year in the field of interior design.

We’ve been there too, watching-recording-getting inspired, and now we are going to tell you. We start a series of blogs: "by the footsteps of iSaloni". This year the attention of the exhibition was focused on kitchens and bathrooms – the EUROCUCINA and SALONE DEL BAGNO biennials were held within the framework of the main exhibition.

The kitchen where you want to live.

It’s such a place in our house where the design idea is completely under the technological solutions. No matter how beautiful the kitchen may be, if it is uncomfortable and impractical, in a month you’ll hate it. Of course, if you are with it in close relationships, not just for morning coffee meetings.

Officine Gullo

Pocket door and hidden work areas

In a closed position, the pocket door is an ordinary wardrobe. You open it and the magic begins. The doors come into the wardrobe and we already have a hidden work area: with a stove, a table top, all jars of spices, microwave ovens, and blenders. Ideal solution for pedants who can get mad when notice a "spot" on the stove.

The advanced factories have been experimenting with the pocket door for several years, this year almost every decent manufacturer presents this solution. So soon it will appear in your apartment too.

TM Italia

Round dining tables with a center insert

For a long time, the kitchens with rectangular dining tables were dominating. For the last few years, there has been a new trend – the round-faced return to our homes. And not alone, but with an insert in the center. This story began with the function – to twist the inside part so it's easier to reach the dishes. In some factories, this function has remained, in others – the internal part is stationary and only works as an eye candy.


Hidden extractor fan

It seems that the era when the manufacturers of equipment embodied the boldest ideas in their extractor fans is passing. Now they are hidden again. Or, at least, they can play a decorative function of a shelf.


Technical zone

An interesting solution for the kitchen is also the planning, according to which the total depth of the kitchen is 90 cm, and the working depth is 60 cm. That means that we have 30 cm of a technical zone. For example, for small equipment in the work area – for those who love to have everything within reach. Or as a decor for the non-lazy.


Open shelves above the stove

In our opinion, it is best combined with a pocket door – where everything that needs to be hidden is hidden, and everything that is for beauty is placed in open areas. Again, in terms of practicality – a controversial decision. But looks amazing!

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