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Das Haus 2017: Todd Bracher's еssentialism

Every year IMM Cologne invites one famous designer to create the installation "Das Haus" with different spaces from a bedroom to a bathroom. In 2017 the world has looked at the interpretation of modern living by the American designer Todd Breycher.


Todd Breycher explores a meaningful living. He tries to understand today's meaning of "being at home" and to shape the cultural needs of modern buildings.


Why do we live in a particular way and not differently? Why do our homes have corners? How many walls do we need to feel comfortable? How do we prioritise functionality, aesthetics and tradition?

Bracher's project is the answer to the questions.


New "Das Haus" is the architectural manifestation of essentialism. The laconic building in the Japanese style composed of two rectangulars capped by a floating roof and a moonlike lighting fixture hunging inside the house.


The house is free from standard solutions. There is no bedroom with a large bed and tables hugging its sides or a kitchen with a strict route: table-stove-refrigerator. The space defines a pure function and consists of three parts, which cause each other.


Mind, body, soul

The central room dedicated to sustence. The designer filled it with the things necessary to nourish body, mind and soul. Wooden shelves provides the frame of the space. They contain pots, books, packages, fruit and vegetables. The pink textile covering one side of the rack is an allusion to the skin.


The library of things

All the items that come into a house, Bracher sees as a part of life, not a decoration. The subject of communication with them is of particular importance. If you can not hold, feel, twist a thing, it loses the sense. It's like you know that there are birds, but have no idea of their size or singing.


The relaxation area contrasts on a light background of the main room. The idea of dark space – people will not be able to rest where they consume something. The space is designed for daydreaming and meditation rather than sleeping. Also the room includes a shimmering paper lamp that resembles a moon.

A washing area highlights the untypical home organisation. It is located outside in a small alcove surrounded by rocks.

Life today is just too much. Even to find some quiet for a phone call is difficult. In contrast to the overloaded home-boxes Das Haus is concentrated on the important.
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