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Dialogues. Alevtina Kakhidze

Where do dialogues usually take place? At home, in a kitchen, in a workshop? The common link is talking «not in front of everyone». We reformatted the concept. Events were transferred to our gallery, and her guests become the attentive listeners.

Our "Dialogues" have their own purpose. Conceiving the project, we focused not only on the creativity, but on the environment where artists gather.

We are not interested in interviews which you can google. We are concerned with the deep motivation of creators.

The protagonist of "Dialogues" is not some kind of a conventional artist. It’s a person of flesh and blood, withh their own intonations, facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice.

Some things can’t be faked or provoked. A handshower isn’t rain.


First and foremost is the encounter in Dialogues with Alevtina Kakhidze – the winner of the Malevich Prize and founder of the art residence in Muzychi. We call it "encounter" , because of the scale of the individual. This woman reads with enthusiasm. Her listeners will be inspired by her communication skills and interesting topics. Alevtina has the ability revitalize her audience with own proprietary questions (from the category of rhetorical #thisisyoudream), or her philosophy of plant cultivation. (the project of Heroes of – what will save the world?


Alevtina’s answer – "not beauty, but the awareness of it." A tradition of the artist is not to visit friends empty-handed. She always brings herbs from his own herbal garden as a gift.


At the "Dialogues" Alevtina came with bouquet, which everyone shared.

At our meetings we philosophize as to where life begins, and attempt to define the boundaries old self perseverance.


MOMENT OF MEMORY. Alevtina passes the brink of real life and reads the text written for her exhibition. The one where they took a nude photo, about sensations and describes how to undress in front of the camera.

What is the difference between a woman and a man taking off their clothes? What does a person experience doing it for the first time? Alevtina’s works are kind of a gender research. Although females are not the only theme of her creative universe.


The parallels of "Dialogues" touches the life and death on the web, dogs, and even a live house. At some point the atmosphere in our gallery heated to such a degree, that it seemed we were in Alevtina’s kitchen, or in her workshop. The places where dialogues are the best.

P.S. "Dialogues" are waiting for you. As usual, on Tuesday in the gallery. As usual, with warm conversations and warm tea.

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