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Seating options: conceptual chairs at iSaloni 2017

France, Spain, Denmark, China, and the Netherlands. We have selected conceptual chairs from Milan Design Week 2017 created by the designers from different countries.


Window chair

Window is not just a rectangle on the wall. The idea of the project "Shadows in the Windows" of Italian designer Andrea Ponti is to reveal that every window hides the stories of people living behind. They take rest, cook breakfasts and dinners, tidy the house, and sleep, every time projecting their contours and shadows on the glass.

Window is a unique scenery of frames and silhouettes, lights and shades, textures and colors.


The collection of chairs was inspired by Hong Kong windows and local urban landscapes. These steel seats are very much alike as they have square frame and archetypal chair form. 8 design objects represent 8 bold graphic signs.

[A1]Честно говоря, смысл этой фразы непонятен ни на украинском, ни на английском. Из текста непонятно, о каких знаках идет речь.

The project shows the relationship between man, furniture and landscape. It is a metaphor of windows with superimposed shadows.

Tent Сhair

The project name of Dutch designer Christian Heikoop is "Glissade", but a chair is assembled in the same way as a tent.

A flat product consists of 12 pieces, including a curved metal tube and rods of different shapes. You need no screws or tools to bring it together. Only your hands. Metal elements slide into leather sleeves forming a chair frame. So simple in terms of design that even a child can cope with it.


Triangular stool

French fashion house Hermès has presented its new home collection. Visually laconic bamboo stool Karumi is one of the centerpieces. It was designed by Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza and worked by Japanese artisans

Distinguishing feature of this seating object is its weight or, to be more precise, its lightness achieved through a combination of bamboo tubes and carbon fiber.


Heureka Chair

No, it is not an invention of Archimedes. It's Danish designer Timo Spelleken who created this minimalistic puzzle chair which can be quickly assembled if you have more guests than expected. And most importantly, you need no tools, screws or adhesives!

Frames are made of 8mm stainless steel wires. In combination with wooden elements, they piece together a chair. Easy to assemble. Easy to disassemble. Easy to store.


Shark Chair

Seating collection of Spanish designer Jaime Hayon for Viccarbe was inspired by the appearence and movement of sharks. Chair backs are smoothly curved intending to be reminiscent of marine inhabitants’ fins.

Items come upholstered in fabric or leather and are set on a slim metal frame in white, altea blue, sand, or black.


The Chair of Torture

Philippe Starck has created ascetic set of furniture for the brand Driade encouraged of torture devices dating back to the Spanish Inquisition. The collection “Torquemada”, named after famous inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada, is composed of a table and two wooden chairs.

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