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A selection of gifts from heart and Makhno

автор: Lina Kulyk

Chief Copywriter

This has never happened before.

As we approach winter blizzards and discounts, Sergey Makhno has melted and decided to arrange the first Christmas sale in the company's history.

The holiday list consists of various ceramic joys: art toys, plates, vases, caskets, and a lamp. Everything is in stock. You can make an order with one click or message. We can send it to you by post or you can pick it up at our office if you want to visit one of the most creative offices in Kyiv.

So now imagine that we take your hand and take you to our workshop. Among all the ceramic vanity on the shelves, we show you only the ready-steady-go ceramics that you will definitely like.

So, what's on the list?

To make your order — message us on Facebook or give us a call +380 67 555 55 15.


1. DIDO art toys — talismans that are always with you

DIDO ceramic heroes are born in Sergey Makhno’s notebook. One day, we will show you this keeper of sketches and wonders. And someday, it will be bought for a hefty sum because things inside hit right in the heart.

Then begins the production of art toys at our workshop. Lions, sheep, bears are being born here. They tell amazing stories of the Carpathians: about snowy pastures and nativity shows, the sound of trembita, warm bread, hot banosh, and mushroom soup.

And then the “most” moment occurs. Art toys go to someone's home and become a family talisman. They make sure that people laugh, hug and love more at home. DIDOs are bewitchers of happiness.

At the moment, there are 4 art toys available: Dunia, Afanasiy, and Liubchyk. Which one are you picking up?


Price: €2,900

Christmas price of Dunia till January 5th: €2,000


Price: €2,500

Christmas price of Afanasiy till January 5th: €1,800


Price: €1,700

Christmas price of Liubchyk till January 5th: €1,300

2. Vesna plates promise harvest in the new year

These plates are Vesna (Eng. spring) because they are warm. Colors, clay, hands that sculpted and painted.

It is a perfect gift because it’s warm. In winter, we really want everything warm: rugs, candles, fireplaces, cats. But while Sergey has not come up with a ceramic rug yet, we will warm ourselves with the sun in these plates.

You can either take one plate as a gift for someone significant, or you can pick up everything (4 plates) and dish up your Christmas table as if Queen Elizabeth is coming to visit.

Price: €120

Christmas price Vesna. Zelen till January 5th: €70


Price: €200

Christmas price Vesna. Tsvit till January 5th: €100


Price: €200

Christmas price Vesna. Nebo till January 5th: €100

3. Glybyna vase — for pine brunches and snowball tree clusters

How it is even possible to do without vases in winter. In our office, we have nearly a dozen of them. Everyone has ikebana in it. Shortly before the holidays, we follow a special recipe: we collect snowball tree clusters, brier leaves, pine branches, and make Christmas compositions. Such a winter beauty transforms our office into the workplace of St. Nicholas.

In addition to the practical function of leaves and branches “storage”, Glybyna vase has unique coloring. You can google, search at other workshops, go to souvenir shops and museums — such a vase will be the one and only, by Makhno, from the heart.

Thin Glybyna vase is waiting for your flowers. Message us!


Price: €600

Christmas price Glybyna Thin till January 5th: €300

4. Kroli — caskets for things precious and the dearest

Boxes to hide what you want to hide. Ceramic rabbits do not give secrets away, they disguise themselves as naive decor. People keep different stuff there: jewelry, soap, butter or sweets (because of a diet, of course). And that's okay — everyone has their own jewels, passions and loves.

Turquoise Kroli caskets are made in various sizes to fit your own “precious.” Do you want the small or big-eared rabbit?


Price: €200

Christmas price Kroli till January 5th: €100

5. Ochi lamp — to keep order in the house

We wanted a lamp without complications. The one that shines, stands confidently on the floor and table and looks super interesting. Sergey made the first Ochi lamp sketches in an airplane, and after landing, he already messaged them to our designers for the preparation of the drawings.

Ochi turned out so “wow” that we took them to Milan for the iSaloni exhibition. Their simple originality has become the main Insta-goal of the Italian public. Everyone wanted Ochi!

Now there is only one lamp left. It is perfect in its proportions, has big eyes, and is ready to become the light of someone's home. Message us if we're talking about yours.


Price: €1,000

Christmas price Ochi till January 5th: €600

Give presents to your significant ones from your heart and Makhno. Because these are not things, but emotions.

Ready to make an order?

Contact us on Facebook or by the phone at +380 67 555 55 15.

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