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7 daredevils in one gallery

Namaste! This story about people who don’t give up. They have not abandoned the attempts to find non-existent Shchorsa St. (it was renamed to Konovalets St.) and dropped in our gallery. This is a story about people who inspire us to create lamps, bowls, chairs, because we want their homes and offices to be cozy, filled with the special air of afflatus and creativity. This story is about people who make the gallery LIVE. They laugh, listen to our stories, share own ones. After their leave, we are gathering smiles from the floor and ceiling. This story is about people who prevent us from drinking tea alone. Moreover, thanks to them, we have morning shopping in the supermarket (to buy sugar or cookies). This story is about you and for you, our guests. Your differences amaze us! But we appreciate all of you. So we decided to paint your portraits.


Artists in shabby sneakers and with traces of paint on the wrist. Poets and writers, thanks to which we stopped describing the lamp "turquoise" and started skillfully juggling adjectives. Designers who sometimes don’t speak a word because of emotions. Potters trying to guess its techniques. Philosophers with enlightened eyes (the hour hand shifts so quickly when you are talking with these ones).


Art historians and critics

Intelligent and educated (we guess, each of them has a library inside!). They enter the gallery and automatically you become particular in your speech, placing all punctuation marks in the air. Don’t think these strict aunts-uncles came to look for your1000 weaknesses. Generally speaking, they give the valuable advice. After all, you do one thing – fertilize the aesthetic soil.



The bravest. They subscribed to our pages in social networks (all of them!). They watched all videos on our YouTube-channel and read all articles on the blog. Before visiting the gallery they even could "crusade" along the opened projects of «Sergey Makhno Architects». That’s why students usually come with a list of questions (long like Amazon river!). It’s pleasure for us to answer, show and explain. Tell you a secret, students inspired us to create a block of lectures on architecture and design.


Тhe two

Beautiful loving couples. Some of them have recently started a long way under the title "we live together." Others have lived life together and just look for a chandelier, painting or other things for home.We are always glad to meet couples, and try to recommend them things that will perfectly complement the "family" interior.


People ordered design from our architectural workshop 1000 years ago

Have you ever met an old friend on the street? Such a "close one" (despite the fact you hadn’t been in touch for a long time). You built sandy towers in childhood, were on duty together at school, wrote the spurs at university… When our ex-clients visit the gallery, we experience the same feeling.


People in suits

Confident ones. Dressed in a white shirt and ideal jacket without a crease (it seems they were ironing clothes the whole night!). These people as no one else are aware of the value of things surrounding us. So despite crazy schedules and lots of things "to do" they find a free minute to visit the gallery and buy something for their homes, offices, restaurants, bars, airplanes, showrooms and other words ending with -s.



A special category. These people are friends of Gemma – our lamp that lives in the gallery. Are you confused? Let's start from the beginning. 99% of our visitors have smartphones / cameras / other devices to take pictures with. When Gemma meets with these gadgets, a magic thing happens (it resembles the appearance of the jinn out of the bottle). People hide inside the lamp to make photos "not like everyone else has." This is a very amusing action. We even gather a collage of such moments.

This article does not end there. We will definitely write the sequel about other friends of the gallery.

But now – goodness rays for you! Thanks.
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And we will create art for you to live in.
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