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What to build: 5 trends in the modern architecture world

№ 1 Simple is enough

A building task is to answer the needs of the inhabitants. Architects' task is to concentrate on the building task. Everything else is secondary.

Simple shapes and materials say more than brick and mortar. A landmark in constructive minimalism – works of the Spanish studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.


The famous House on the Rocks in Valencia contrasts with volumes, plans and structures. Using pure geometry, solid constructions and technological solutions architects were able to tame a wild mountainous terrain. The structure takes the shape of nature.


The construction is restrained, without excesses. Three blocks shifted on the vertical axis create the asymmetry. White interior and exterior emphasize the buildings austerity making it complete.

№ 2 Аuthenticity

Time is the best аrchitect. It gives the materials the second skin, reveals the identity of things.

The trend of transformation of architectural sites acts acts as the sourdough of the market. A good example –Kanaal project by Axel Vervoordt. They converted an old factory into a city. The grain elevators become apartments so people could live. Offices and galleries replaced workshops.

Two words describing Kanaal – authenticity and magnitude.

New technologies and materials emphasized the historical heritage. They showed the character of buildings with the value of time.

Despite the massiveness, the architecture mood is calm. But you know, this "simplicity" took the incredible forces.

The industrial space with concrete walls became a stage for art. Time here goes back and forth between the ancient and contemporary works complementing each other.

№ 3 Nature


The speed is an essential feature of our time. A place where people can escape from the external reality and find emotional stability is the nature. Architects try to make us closer. We see green roofs and trees inside houses.

A growing number of Zen Buddhist gardens acclimatized. Green oases with trees and stones please the eye in modern tech buildings.


The unusual phenomenon is associated with the name of Japan's leading garden designer Shunmyo Masuno. He turnes gardens into A living philosophy – a home of consciousness, a place of the inner soul. А garden is seen not as a supplement to the architecture, but its part.

Zen gardens features the ordering. Every thing has own purpose and own place. It's the way to achieve the atmosphere of renunciation and meditativeness.

Sometimes there is no entrance to the garden. People contemplate it from the outside. For example, a special glass room in the office.

№4 Air and light


Open space, natural light, glass shapes. In the architectural world they are timeless trends. Add a conceptual approach and enjoy a splendid result.


SANAA proves it in projects. They bend glass plates of floor-to-ceiling windows and put serpentine roofs on thin supports.


The famous NYC MoMA is a layer cake, that due to its different structures varies observations points.

The outer shell does not distract from the inner. Houses of this type are not the aggressors to the landscape. They communicate with it.


№5 The new-old materials


In this area the architectural world is growing rapidly. There are new innovative materials focused on environmental friendliness and cost savings. We find new features and configurations of the old-timers.


Todays favorites are concrete, steel, glass and wood. These four are the universal code used by architects all over the world.

A choice of the material is the result of the factors interaction: customer tastes and preferences, climate and weather, urban planning.

The concrete prevails in the projects of our studio. It is difficult to beat in strength and durability.

This material scare people, bacause of its fake simplicity. Concrete boxes can be a masterpiece with the correct accents.

The monotony of the material makes it an omnivore in combinations. The wildest options are appropriate.

If you want an unbeaten classic, choose concrete and steel.


Glass is used as a tool to control light and neutralize the structures weight. Glass doors, partition walls, large windows blur the boundaries of a building, expanding the space.


Wood structures bring together architecture and nature. The material is warm, pleasant and visually appealing . It's the best option for country houses, where families spend their weekends together.

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