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10 pieces of art living in our workshop

Who greets guests? What the walls hide? Do the paintings carry an electric current? We prepared lots of questions and answers for you.

Decorating sounds in a blog for the first time. Other articles briefly touched it, but 3-4 crumpled sentences about the decor is like an aperitif with no supper after. You feel hungry.

We begin with a tour of our workshop to introduce you the local residents – paintings and sculptures.

10 works of art. Different messages, believes, styles. Each one with the space inside.


Guests are greeted by "Rain". A bronze and glass statue of Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk explains man’s relationship with the nature. A man looking upward symbolizes an inner dialogue. The raindrop connects him with a whole diversity of life forms.


"Nine tulips of Diana, the goddess of the hunt" by Zoya Orlova is the sheaf of emotions in paint.

I do not know how many volts in a fragile flower ... But together they makemy fingertips tingle.

We take "Tulips" feeling a lemon (formless and squeezed out). The painting like fuels returns to normal. Someone connects a healing with the energy of "Tulips". Someone says a reason in a sofa, where workers used to contemplate the painting.

It came to the workshop in the spring, after Sergey’s birthday.


Our office manager knows all philosophical questions about the philosophical reliefs (guest like to ask about these pieces)

Conceptual trio raises the issue of internal human excavation, encouraging the viewer to look and think. The idea and realization by Nazar Bilyk, hunging on the wall – ours.

The name came from the essence. «COUNTERFORM» is a synthesis of shadow forms, from which the root causes arise.


The result of your workis the best décor for a work area. It inspires more than a motivational quote! We produced white giant frames and hung realized architectural projects. Reaching up to the photos is hard, lifting – impossible. Only admiring.


Our meeting room is a unique place. Where else will meet one-on-one Pavlo Makov andOlegTistol?

Looking at Makov creations without the lorgnette of art terms, they are ideal for intellectual exercises before the presentation of projects.

Artworks draw people into own world of ciphers and codes. One spend a solid chunk of time exploring a visual puzzle. Even if you are familiar with picture, the eye will find aninteresting detail and "be hooked".


Palm trees create the background for meetings and interviews. They met me coming to get a job and brought good luck.


Blue-and-yellow "Complex of Usefulness" is a story about miners in four plots. Artist-storyteller is Roman Minin from Donetsk.


A round shape inherits a petri dish –a shallow cylindrical dish biologists use to culture cells. The author compares Ukrainian realities with a chemical reaction. High temperature, evaporation processes... Someone (something?) precipitates.
How to control the reaction? What are the consequences? "Complex of Usefulness" encourages to produce own meanings.


Autobiographical «Neofolk» by Mykola Matsenko decorates Sergey’s cabinet. The artwork demonstrates the authenticity, an art in the continuous flow of the creative process of our nation.

It resembles irrational broth of emotions filled with symbolism. The main line starts from a heart, not a head. A prerequisite for creating was a carpet from author’s childhood.


A digitalized space embodies the painting of Stepan Ryabchenko. «Electronic eurus» has the spirit of modern art. Colors play with the chaos.
The creation technique goes further the line of "drawing". Due to own architectural background the artist designs the environment in picture formats.


A raccoon lives in the office (somebody has to do the work stuff).

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And we will create art for you to live in.
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