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total area636 sq m

Client: family of ethnic restaurants of the Ukrainian cuisine named "Kozachok"

Task: the Ukrainian architectural ethnics interpreted in modern forms and materials; upgrading the visual style of the brand

Materials: concrete, glass, reed

Kozachok brand is about the ethnic flavour. The architectural project kept the silhouette of a traditional Ukrainian dwelling modernized with the unusual geometry of the building.

The idea of the reed roof came from the authentic Ukrainian housetop. Reed paired with modern concrete and glass shows the meeting of present and past, their uniqueness in interaction.

The restaurant consists of two volumes.The first part of the building includes a kitchen and autonomous VIP rooms. The functional purpose of the second is being a cafe transforming into a large space for celebrations. For convenience, it has a bar and a place for after-preparation.

We freed the exterior from redundant parts, putting emphasises on the reed facing, the decorative panels made of black oxidized metal and concrete portals. The composition of landscape design is crowned by a small architectural form. It serves like an integral part of the external aesthetics organically emerged because of the location near a river.

A light, but capacious logo completed the visual modernization of the restaurant. Its archetype is a saber, one of the key attributes of a cossack. The image of the direct associations is easy to remember, so it will increase the brand recognition.