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Sergey Makhno Architects is a workshop of modern Ukrainian design and architecture. We work in Ukrainian contemporary style. According to international experts, this style will change the Scandinavian on the world design stage.


The first Ukrainian designer booth at the world's largest design exhibition — iSaloni 2019

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About design’s significance

Many of our clients want to know how we create interior designs in our studio, what processes happen in our brains, and how this magic is then transformed into reality. We decided to show you the process and filmed the creation of our office. Now, Sergey Makhno creates
collections of unique objects, successfully builds houses, hotels and cottage towns, implements interior space of apartments, restaurants, offices and boutiques with his personally designed furniture and décor elements, and engages in social projects.
By today, I have travelled the first part of the path. I am going further. Every day I create, and see meaning in it, because I am sure that architecture is able to change people's lives. I want my designs to inspire to look deeper into one’s personality and to move confidently into
the future - towards new goals. By the age of 33, Sergey Makhno conducted his first personal exhibition of interior design products called “Life of Ideas. In addition to this exhibition, the designer presented same named book and movie.
Our office is something we are proud of. We call it the little magnet; it is desiring to come here and then impossible to leave it. Our office is also a celebrity. After winning the first place in “Interior of the Year 2014” competition it became known worldwide.
Segey Makhno paid a lot of attention to details, because namely they create the ambience in the space. The office is filled with custom designed furniture made for life and work process in the studio.
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