Zen-design: How to arouse peace and harmony at your home?

автор: Lina Kulyk

Chief Copywriter

First things first. What is this mythic zen? According to Japanese philosophy, zen is a state of inner peace, harmony and a deep understanding of yourself and the world around. Now this concept has become especially important, because we are the target audience of redundant information, stress, and noise. Therefore, we are in a state of constant search for silence and meanings, the search for our own "zen". The only thing is that you don’t need to look for zen at warm places or expensive personal development courses.

Zen is at home.

How come it is at home? Has it been there all this time?

Yes, all this time it has been enveloping you in the hope that you meet each other any day now.

Zen in the interior is a special way of organizing space and creating an atmosphere that reduces stress and separates from the routine fuss. The first mention of this Japanese design concept was made in the Heian period, running from 794 to 1185, and it is still considered to be one of the most important ones.

In order to find zen at home, you need to take a few steps toward it.


Step № 1. Everything will be nature


Choose soft tones and colors that are as close to natural as possible: white, gray, overflows of beige and pink-beige, brown.


The fabrics should be natural, light and haptic pleasing. Window curtains, for example, are one of the main elements of zen-decor. They should provide a sense of intimacy and protect space from drafts and buzz of the streets. Make sure that the fabrics are made of linen or wool, and match the general mood of the room.


The unpretentious simple furniture will be the best solution for zen-design: clean lines, lack of bulky details and decor, and the main thing — quality.

Some pieces of advice for the bedroom:

  • Place the bed next to the light source and in no case in front of the door or in a passage area. The height of the bed should be comfortable for you, however, it is considered that high beds (higher than 55 cm) especially emphasize comfort.
  • Refrain from over-decorating the bed — no towel swans or thousand and one pillow.
  • Put a bedside table on the guard, and an armchair for reading in the corner of the room.


Linen spray, soy or wax candles and essential oils are an ideal way to fill the house with fresh aromas that will not only ease, but also give strength to wake up and enjoy the mornings.


Step № 2. Walk softly

Parquet is always a reliable choice. The shades of white, gray and any light parquet will become a canvas to draw your cautious steps.

If you like carpets, the effect of zen-decor can be enhanced by the use of natural cotton or wool carpets. Choose the ones of warm colors that will support the energy of the house but not absorb it.


Step № 3. Turn on the day

A space can be your personal expert in massage, relaxation and peace. For that to happen, fluorescent lamps with an unnatural yellow-red glow should be replaced with light tubes or candles. You can safely use several sources of lighting, this will help you control the intensity and the actual zones to be highlighted.

When you hesitate between one direct bright light from the ceiling and several table-and-floor lamps with airy light orbits, choose the second option. It is not only useful for your eyesight and well-being, but also important for the zen-interior.


Step № 4. Unnecessary is not needed

Electronic gadgets should make life easier, not prevent it. It is better to avoid overuse of any devices. If you really want a plasma in the bedroom, you better put it in a place where it will not stand out, or where it will be possible to hide it. Also make sure that all cords and wires are hidden.

A short list of things that you should throw out from your home and life:

1. Curtains made of artificial materials. They bother air and light ways and don't let your house breathe.

2. A decor that was once emotionally important for you. This is a burdensome component of the interior, which turns house into the museum rather than a place to live.

3. Magazines, newspapers and all kinds of documents on the coffee table. Read books, keep documents online.

4. Too many dishes. Well, of course, first set is from grandmother, the second one is for daily use, the third one is festive, and the fourth one is for the Queen of England arrival. Leave one set and make your everyday like a holiday.

5. Everything that you haven’t touched for the last 3 months. You won’t believe it, but there will be plenty of it. You won’t believe it again, but you definitely won’t use it in the future.


Step № 5. In joy and greenery

You must already know this, but we want to remind you again. Wrap your house in green. Plants have a calming effect due to their nutritious color and the oxygen secreted. Despite this, plants with strong smell should be avoided. The bonsai tree and hanging terrariums will be ideal for a zen-interior.

Fill your home with meaning and you won’t even notice how a flood of harmony will burst into your life.

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