Zaha Hadid in 7 places

Zaha Hadid is an architect from a unique reality. Her cosmic buildings are scattered around the world in such places as Hong Kong, Chicago, Tokyo, Dubai and London. She could not even list them.


Zaha Hadid was born in Baghdad, but has spent half of her life in London. She has her own studio, Zaha Hadid Architects, founded in 1980.

Hadid is the first woman to receive the Pritzker Prize in 2004 for her the project of the London Aquatics Centre. On two occasions, she won architectural awards receiving the Stirling Prize in the UK.

Every architect has projects from which their professional career began. Her first major accomplishment was Vitra Station in Weil am Rhein, Germany (1990-1993). She synthesized the ideas of the famous constructivists such as Corbusier, Kandinsky, Gropius.

She was overwhelmed by her worldwide fame in 1999 after the construction of the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, USA (Zaha Hadid's first American project).

“You can't teach architecture. You can only inspire people”


Abstract perception, impaired geometry and distorted perspective are traits that transfer her inner soul to the beholder. They are united by weightlessness, lightness and primarily provide enhanced emotions such as; that of a person’s experiences in the wilderness.


Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan

Eyes of Baku residents and their guests used to the Soviet monumental architecture. Zaha Hadid took it as a challenge and put on the city map a contrasting white point. It was her opportunity to really stretch the wings.

When you look at the structure from a distance, it seems that it continues the landscape. A soft transition is also in the interior showing no borders between floor and ceiling.

Straight lines are avoided in the project. We read architectural handwriting easily due to the ephemeral plexus of curves, concave and convex shapes. People associate lines of the building with "skin folds".

In 2014 the project was named Design of the Year by London's Design Museum.


The Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany

A museum or a spaceship?

There are no traditional windows, doors or right angles. Funnel-shaped cones support a concrete bias, and the object seems levitating above the ground.

Artificial hills, valleys and craters awarded the project notoriety as one of "7 wonders of the Modern World".

“The Phæno is the most ambitious and complete statement of our quest for complex and dynamic fluid spaces”

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower in Hong Kong, China

The 76 metre-high building is located on the campus of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

It's the undulating glass structure that accommodates more than 1,800 students and staff.

The concept of seamlessness symbolizes the future scientific achievements.

People think that the most appropriate building is a rectangle, because that's typically the best way of using space. But is that to say that landscape is a waste of space? The world is not a rectangle. You don't go into a park and say: 'My God, we don't have any corners.'

Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland

The home of trams, cars, locomotives and motorbikes is famous for its roof. Where else can you see such a dynamic zigzag?

The unusual building – the sum of five tunnels made of steel and zinc. The constructions differ in height and width. No two lines of rafters are geometrically the same.

In 2013, the museum was named the best in Europe (EMYA).


Opera House in Guangzhou, China

The heart of the concept is the conversation between architecture and nature.

In bizarre shapes we see valleys, ravines, and canyons made of concrete, glass and steel.

The outer shape of the theater resembles sea pebbles while a lighting system of the hall duplicates a starry sky.


Messner Mountain Museum Corones

The sixth and last Messner Mountain Museum occupied the top of Mount Kronplatz — 2275 meters above sea level.

The interior and exterior contrast with shades. The main color inside is a deep anthracite, while the outer part shows a light tone emphasizing the similarity using rocks. Сoncrete blocks create the illusion of continuing the mountains.


A 40-storey hotel in Macau, China

Surreal towers with emptiness inside and an exoskelon aren't all the different features that make visitors of the hotel react in amazement. For example, a giant swimming pool is located on the roof.

In a monolithic facade even doors aren't allocated from the overall composition.

In the project BBC Arts Zaha was asked to write a postcard to a younger self, offering a piece of wisdom. She said: "Your success will not be determined by your gender or your ethnicity, but only on the scope of your dreams"

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