Three natures of the Gallery

The first Hypostasis. To be a creator


Have you noticed that people start avoiding the word "lecture"? To add some specialty, cover it by “meeting”. To sound respectable, write a fatty "workshop" on posters.

We used to an old “lecture”.

1. The right of the first talk belongs to founders. Sergey Makhno began the cycle with stories about design, cultural expedition to Japan and Wabi-Sabi.

We had 126 meters and 80 people. How? It’s a magic for us. Air, impressions and chairs were enough for everyone.


2. The roots of this lecture in… guests.
Drinking coffee we diluted with stories. Our friends told us about the University of the Arts London in Kyiv. Imagine our eyes, when we discover they carry out educational projects!

"Want to be friends!" – it’s what we thought. In a couple of days we were sitting in the gallery, sipping tea with charismatic Lina Sych. Apart the cultural and educational, we talked about Lina’s life in the cold London, her flat near the railstation, kids, weather and other daily things.

The first project we launched together was the lecture about Anish Kapoor. It was Lina's suggestion. The influential artist graduated from the University of the Arts London (as she did). The geography of his personal exhibitions impresses. Kunsthalle Basel (Switzerland), Reina Sofia (Italy), Hayward Gallery (London), Haus der Kunst (Germany). We approved of the choice.


3. The cycle "The Japanese gardens" by Andrey Nakorchevsky. For designers, architects, florists.

For a long time a professor had lived in the Land of the Rising Sun.

1000 and 1garden he brought to Ukraine in memories to share with us.

To identify the Japanese garden only as a material object is a mistake. It begins with the perception and understanding of the world.


The second Hypostasis. To be implicated.


"Nevіdomі". Media noised around this exhibition. Our gallery was a part.

Kharkiv, "Ermilov Center", craft and kinship, speed-dating with artists. Events were muddled, as the previous sentence is.

Let’s see from the beginning. I shaked hands with KonstantinKozemyaka, the founder of ArtHuss (the Ukrainian Foundation of Cultural Initiatives). A bit later he visited the Gallery bringing 10 new books by his Publishing House as a present. "33 Artists in 3 Acts" directed our conversation to talks about the cooperation.

The concept of "Nevіdomі" affected us. How deeply? Our tickets to Kharkiv would explain better. We had a flight to the Institute of Contemporary Art to meet an organizing team.

Entering the Institute the Gallery faced with Alevtina Kakhidze (fishing inside her bag for something). Like in a movie. With happy end, of course. But that moment we, Alevtina, and other artists realizedown role in "Nevіdomi" and began to participate.

The project was impossible without Sarah Thornton. Not a woman, butsemantic nodes of her book "33 Artists in 3 Acts". "ArtHuss" decided the concept was very strong just for publishing a book. "Nevіdomі" appeared.

In conclusion, we’ll tell you about two "i". Inspiring exhibition. Indecent number of talented people we met (Alexey Say, Victor and Yasy Khomenko, Hamlet Zinkovskyi, Artem Volokitin, Sergey Zakharov, Zoya Orlova).
After "Nevіdomі" we didn’t go separate ways. The Gallery exchanges foxes (emojis) on Facebook with sb and plan good deeds.

The third and the last one. To be a founder.

A pregnant woman is beauteous. A pregnant gallery looks alike. Shining, trying on new roles.

The idea she nurturing will be born in the second half of August (or later?). Nobody knows exact terms.

We are not superstitious parents hiding from cameras and questions. Waiting for an educational project! (proud, lofty tone).

The project is for everyone who wants to create. Or create. Or ones gravitating to beauty.

It’s tiny to describe. A baby appears similar to TED-talks (mother is found of). Speakers will be people in the arts. Broadcasting also on the art (craft, design and meeting points). Generally speaking, the intent is a chameleon changing every day.


To answer for "wow" and "how?" is – no, we haven’t planned. We had the aspiration to create a useful thing. We had an aesthetic ground to alter. We had the desire to experiment with forms. And stars aligned.

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And we will create art for you to live in.
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