Let the 2020 trends speak

автор: Mariya Fedko

PR Specialist

New Year — new wishes. Previously we wanted a bright, strange, non-stop show, now the soul needs a native comfort and something "simple". Instead of a regular vacation, there is a parents' house with all its warmth and utmost relaxation. Work, business trips, urgently-immediate affairs, traffic jams, and daily stress — we want some peace of mind after such carousels. And we will seek it at home. People start listening to themselves, their desires and their needs. Emotions finally return home.

Wabi-sabi, custom design, eco-friendliness, and emptiness — here and now the 2020 trends in interior design are speaking. Design that is for soul, harmony, and love.


Relevant yesterday, relevant now, and will be relevant in a year. It is not yet clear to everyone but definitely attracts. About beauty, soul, inevitability, and simplicity. This is not clear math that can be studied by formulas. Not a single definition, and not a definition at all. Wabi-sabi is something that we feel with our hearts. What we have to feel.


Empty interiors

Let's call it a game of contrasts. If some people want to wake up and fall asleep with art in space, filling their homes with a wide variety of things from around the world, others escape from the total space-filling and look for comfort in the emptiness. The flow of information is gaining speed every year, so it is not surprising that the white walls, minimum of details and a lot of air will become a rescue in 2020.

“In the trends of 2020, I see empty interiors. Equable sofa-bed-cup-fork and maximum simplicity. Some people choose the full heaping of space with details. Others run away from objects”, says Sergey Makhno.

Custom design

People flee from everything, and primarily from the mass. But what everyone has — has everyone. Custom design is the religion of creating something unique by one person for another. Nobody will ever have the same thing. The following attempts to repeat the original design will be the creation of something completely new. Custom design is a dress stitched to your standards and your specific wishes. It is a dish set for your kitchen. It is a house created for you to live there. And no one else.


Mix and balance

The story with a custom design is not for everyone, but who said that this is the only way? The formula of the “very” design is quite simple: to buy a floor lamp at IKEA, find an old sofa at a flea market, run to Zara Home for a new vase, pick up pillows from your parents' house and a cherry on the top will be a legend of product design. That's all. Such mixing will not be expensive, and the individuality of the owner will remain. Everyone can mix.

Nathan Lindberg Design

New nature

Recycling, upcycling, bioerodible lamps, a table made of ocean debris and a kitchen made of recycled plastic — all this was, is and is cool and necessary. Regarding the salvation of the world, there is nowhere to pull, as well as to hope for the next generation. Only we can minimize our impact on nature and immediately. No matter how many times it was discussed, we still are at a stop, although we would have to move in the direction that the problems require. And this concerns not only hand-made bags instead of plastic bags. Now the main task of design is the search for new natural materials. Materials such as clay, concrete, metal, straw, which will save our planet and reduce emissions of toxins into the atmosphere.


Contemporary Ukrainian design

About Ukrainian traditions, about minimalism, about the history of the Ukrainian people, about their future, about materials, about the family. This is a contemporary Ukrainian design, which is already on the way to its place on the world stage. It is so quickly making people fell in love with it that it turns out to be in the trends for the next decade from the global architecture trendsetter Dezeen.

“Ukraine is a country with prehistoric roots, and it has stubbornly maintained its indigenous craft traditions for pottery, musical instruments and woodwork employing techniques and processes that date back 400-years. And despite current political woe, it's precisely this resolutely hand-crafted authenticity that marks it out as one to watch”.
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