Sergey Makhno's 10 favourite modern Ukrainian artists

автор: Tetiana Vakula

PR Director

We love art, and art loves us.

Sergey Makhno Architects office is a consistency of modern Ukrainian art aka favorite Sergey Makhno’s artists. This is a story about them and art that watches us from the walls.

1. Nazar Bilyk

“The Rain” sculpture has already become a signature of our projects. It is about a human and nature, about the request to the Universe in pursuit of the true sense, and answer to it as a raindrop.


Recently the sculpture that had been meeting the guest of the studio before, started to live in the new house of Sergey Makhno. And now on art-guard of our office, there’s a tattooed ceramic bear Bo-Bo. You cannot just drag your gaze away from him — the blossom of tattoos attracts everyone like a magnet.

By the way, “The Rain” is not the only one. We also have other Bilyk’s works, like “The Surrounding”, and triptych “The Counterforms”.


2. Oleh Tistol

Our big love with palm trees.

If Tistol was a musician, he would play jazz. So the tempo could knock down, and the rhythm would never repeat itself. So the genres, epochs, realities, and fictions could mix in the embraces of one canvas.

In our conference room, there is “The Palm” by Tistol. From time to time we hear it rustling with the leaves. From time to time we notice it drifting away in the violet winds on the horizon of the canvas. From time to time we forget it’s just a painting.


3. Mykola Matsenko

The artist from Cherkasy region. He is a founder of the project and modern Ukrainian art direction “Neofolk” with the folk motifs entwined in the context of modern art.

The work “Neofolk” adorns Sergey Makhno’s cabinet and a nursery of his apartment. A lot of our clients have also been exposed to the magic of this canvas and have already ordered the works of Matsenko for their homes. Because they are special, brave, and pure love.


4. Oleksii Zolotariov

“Wind Rose” by Zolotariov stands in our office on the cross of the main ways — Sergey’s cabinet, open space, and kitchen. Every time the eye catches the sculpture, trying to see all the curves and corners — and every time we note something new. You just can’t notice all the lines. The artist works in different techniques, so he fascinates all the time. Oleksiy is the owner of numerous art awards and our hearts.


5. Serhiy Radko

A famous Ukrainian ceramist who is on first-name terms with clay. That’s where we’re alike, and that’s why we are tuned into the beat of Radko’s art, which is even more than ceramics, by the way. As an artist, Serhiy makes unusual portraits. Watch the posters — Serhiy rarely conducts exhibitions, yet every single one is worth visiting.


6. Roman Mykhailov

Recently this photo has been highlighted by more than 60 Ukrainian and foreign media sources. This is our Wabi Sabi Apartment, and on the wall, there’s “The Burn of Reality” canvas by Roman Mykhailov. We fell in love with it before it became mainstream.

It is not only the attachment to the brave creativity that unites us with Roman Mykhailov, but also a successful exhibition “Black black sea”, and collaboration for an advertising campaign. Because it’s a real pleasure to work with people you admire.

7. Roman Minin

An artist from Donetsk region. And it’s more than a part of biography — it’s the main motif of his artistic legacy. Mining works for most of this region citizens is more than an industry, it’s a way of life. Minin used this fact as a synonym to a closed social system with only one possible exit — an escape.


In 2009, the artist was awarded in a nomination “Talent by vocation” from the international alliance “Peacemaker”. His blue-and-yellow “The Superiority Complex” kisses the walls of our office and tells the story about mine workers, reminding us of the important.


8. Pavlo Makov

The artist works in a technique of graphics and etching, creating real intellectual puzzles. Be careful! One etching work will embrace you into the arms of fonts and codes.


9. Stepan Riabchenko

Our top-list also includes digital works by the talented Stepan Riabchenko. His world is filled with his own digital mythology, and creatures on the canvases tell their own legends. We took to our office a part of this world, called “Electronic eurus”.

Futurism burst into the unified traditional art and the walls of our office get dressed in fantastic Ukrainian digital art.


10. Oleksandr Sukholit

Artist, painter, sculptor, graphic master, author of installations. The experimenter, the innovator and we are not afraid of this word — the philosopher. Works a lot and rewarding — he has more than 500 sculptures, and graphs according to his own calculations — 4 000 exhibits.

He says that sculpture is not a spectacle, but a vessel, the anthropology of the universe. And we do believe in him.


More is coming soon. There are a lot of walls in our office, but there are even more Ukrainian artists we love and admire. Because if you want to art the world, you need to start with something. Sergey Makhno started with graffiti on the walls and fences, and now he communicates art through his home, office, and projects of the studio.

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